MAO NAS of Ukraine Plate Archive Regulations
OUTPUT PREFERENCES - constructor of output data set. The standard output of selected data includes plate identifier, RA[hhmmss],DEC[ddmmss],date,exposition[min],dimensions[cm x cm], ordered by RA. If you'd like to get another set of output data, or another units of output data, or another order, click the option [OUTPUT SETUP], fill the next form and press the button [CONTINUE...], please.
For the standard output select one of SEARCH options.

FIELD OVERLAP - selection of overlapping plates in the area with any center coordinates or in a certain strip or a band

OBJECTS - selection of plates with a desired object or objects of any type

BY IDs OR NUMBERS - selection of plates by their unique indices or log-numbers

GUIDES - archives, instruments, emulsions and so on, specifications and descriptions

SPECIALS - creation of plain files in WFPDB-format for every archive

DBGPA V1.0 - first version of DBGPA

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