1 Agfa Astro Agfa Astro-plates (Unsens, Lighthoffrei) Fabricacion Alemana. Germany AAU,AU,Unsensib A.,aa
2 AgfaBlUltra Spectral Blau Ultrahart Fabricacion Alemana. Germany
3 AgfaDiaposi Agfa Diapositiv plates Fabricacion Alemana. Germany DIA
4 AgfaFinopan
5 AgfaIsopISS Agfa Isopan Plates (ISS), superpanchromatic Fabricacion Alemana. Germany AISS,ISS,Isopan ISS
6 AgfaIsopSS
7 AgfaPanchro Agfa Astro PanchrÓm sensibiliti Fabricacion Alemana. Germany AAP, AAPS,Panchrom A.
8 AgfaPressPa Agfa Press plates, panchromatic Fabricacion Alemana. Germany AAPR
9 AgfaSpBlauR Agfa Spectral Plates, Blau rapid Fabrication Alemana. Germany BLAU-RAPID
10 AgfaSpectra Agfa Spectral Plates Fabrication Alemana. Germany Spectral A., AGFASpectr
11 AgfaSpezial Agfa Astro Spezial Fabricacion Alemana. Germany AGSP, AS
12 AgfaSpGelbR Agfa Spectral Plates, Gelb rapid Fabrication Alemana. Germany AGR,Spectr.G.R.
13 AgfaSpRotRa Agfa Spectral Plates, Rot rapid Fabricacion Alemana. Germany ASP
14 AgfaUltraRa
15 AP Astro Platen
16 Astra-Flate
17 Dp Diapozitiv
18 Eastman1gEm
19 EastmanSp19
20 EastmSp1gEm
21 GIZ Golden Iso Zen
22 IF Izofoto GOST 22
23 IlfoMonarch Ilford 'MONARCH' Plate (3.5ASA) Ilford Limited,London Mon
24 IlfoProcess Ilford Process Ilford Limited, London ILPS,ip
25 IlforAstra8 Ilford Astra VIII Plates Ilford Limited, London AS8
26 Ilford Ilford
27 Ilford HP3 Ilford HP3 Ilford Limited, London ILHP,Ilford HP.3
28 Ilford N.30 Ilford N.30 Ordinari Backed Ilford Limited, London ILF,in30,io,ILFORD,ILFORD N30,ILFORD ORD
29 Ilford N.50 Ilford N.50 thin film half tone plates backed Ilford Limited, London N.50 Plate
30 IlforHPSPan Ilford H.P.S., panchromatic hypersensitive Ilford Limited, London Ilford HPS
31 IlforIsopan Ilford Isopanchrom Ilford Limited, London IZP,Isopanch.I.,ii
32 IlforZenith Ilford Zenith Plates, super sensitiv backed Ilford Limited, London ILZ,iz,Ilford ZEN
33 IlfoSpecRap Ilford Spectral Rapid Ilford Limited, London ILSR
34 IlfoZenPanc Ilford Zenith Panchrom Ilford Limited, London ILP,izp
35 Ilukopn 600 Ilford
36 IZO500 Izoorto 500
37 Kodak Kodak
38 Kodak 103 a F Kodak 103 a F
39 Kodak, OaD Kodak Plates, OaD Kodak Limited, London KOD OaD
40 Kodak, OaE Kodak Plates, OaE Kodak Limited, London KOD OaE
41 Kodak, OaF Kodak Plates, OaF Kodak Limited, London KOD OaF,OaF,Kodak, OaF
42 Kodak, OaO Kodak Plates, OaO Kodak Limited, London KOD OaO,OaO,kodak
43 KodakU,IIaO Kodak U.S.A. Spectroscopic plates Eastman Kodak, New York
44 KodakU103aD Kodak U.S.A. Plates, 103a-D Eastman Kodak, New York KOD,KODAK103aD
45 KodakU103aE Kodak U.S.A. Plates, 103a-E Eastman Kodak, New York KODAK103a-E
46 KodakU103aO Kodak U.S.A. Plates, 103aO Eastman Kodak, New York KODAK103aO,kodak3
47 KodakUIIIaF Kodak U.S.A. Plates, IIIaF Eastman Kodak, New York Kodak IIIaF
48 KodakUSpect Kodak U.S.A. Plates, Eastman Spectrum Eastman Kodak, New York ES
49 Lantern Lantern
50 Nikfi Nikfi
51 Orwo
52 ORWO NP2 ORWO NP2 Veb filmfabrik Wolfen. DDR NP2
53 ORWO NP22 ORWO NP22 Veb filmfabrik Wolfen. DDR NP22,ORW NP22
54 ORWO NP27 ORWO NP27 Panchromatic Lichthofrei, anti-halo Veb filmfabrik Wolfen. DDR NP27
55 ORWO WO1 ORWO WO1, Gelb Rapid orthochrome Veb filmfabrik Wolfen. DDR ORWO WO1
56 ORWO ZP1 ORWO ZP1 Veb filmfabrik Wolfen. DDR ZP1
57 ORWO ZP3 ORWO ZP3 Veb filmfabrik Wolfen. DDR ZP3,ORWO ZP-3
58 ORWO ZU1 ORWO ZU1 Astro Plates, Unsensibiliti Veb filmfabrik Wolfen. DDR ZU1,ORW ZU1,ORWO01,ZU-1
59 ORWO ZU2 ORWO ZU2 Astro Plates, Unsensibiliti Veb filmfabrik Wolfen. DDR ZU2,ORW ZU2,ORWO02
60 ORWO ZU21 ORWO ZU21 Astro Plates, Unsens.Spezial Filter208 Veb filmfabrik Wolfen. DDR ZU21,ORWO ZU-21,ORWO21
61 Pereslavl Pereslavl
62 Rep Reproduction
63 U2 Panchrom USSR N2, Panhrom Fabrication N2, USSR PA2,PAH
64 U2 Unsens USSR N2, Unsens Fabricasion N2, USSR UN2
65 U2Ortochrom USSR N2, Ortochrom Fabrication N2, USSR OR2,N.Ortochrom
66 U5FilmIzoPa USSR, fN5,Film Izo Panchrom USSR FiP
67 U5FilmPanch USSR fN5, Film Panchromatic Fabricasion N5, USSR FP
68 UFilmIzop17 USSR Film Isopanchrom Type 17 USSR, Shostka UFilmIzop17
69 UFilmIzop29 USSR Film Isopanchrom Type 29 USSR, Shostka UFilmIzop29
70 UN A-600H Films with increased sensitivity at long exposures USSR Nikfi A-600H
71 UN Panchrom USSR Nikfi, Panchrom Nikfi, Moscow NIP,Panchrom N.,NP
72 UN Unsens USSR Nikfi, Unsens Nikfi, Moscow UNN,Unsens N.
73 UNInfrachro USSR Nikfi, Infrachrom Nikfi, Moscow NIIF
74 UZTFDiaposi USSR ZTF Moscow, for science, diapositiv ZTF, Moscow G45
75 UZTFUnsensC USSR ZTF Moscow, Unsens contrasting ZTF, Moscow UNC
76 ZEN Zenith

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