UVR CCD photometry of stars in five sky fields with matched IR/radio sources

A. S. Kharin1, V. N. Andruk1, S. Bartasiute2, G. Z. Butenko3, I. P. Vedenicheva1, A. V. Perekhod1, A. V. Sergeev3

1 Main Astronomical Observatory of NAS of Ukraine
2 Astronomical Observatory of Vilnius University, Lithuania
3 International Center for Astronomical, Medical and Ecological Research

For the purpose of making reliable associations of extragalactic radio sources with bright infrared objects and objects at optical wavelengths, we carried out test CCD observations in Johnson U, V, R filters for five fields of the sky, containing the sources ICRS 1254+571, ICRS 1345+125, ICRS 1641+399, ICRS 1732+389, and ICRS 1807+698. In these fields, each of 8.5ox8.5o size, we obtained U, V, R magnitudes and positions of objects down to V = 23 mag. Their equatorial coordinates R.A. and DEC. were determined in the system of the USNO-A2.0 catalog. The objects within the fields were identified by position coincidence with stars and infrared sources in the 2MASS catalog. The procedures applied to processing of CCD images within MIDAS/ROMAFOT, which incorporate the new method for removing flat field, are briefly described.

Byte to byte description
Column  Bytes Format Design    Units   Remarks
  1      1-5   i5      N               Number
  2-4    6-20        R.A.(2000)        Right Ascension of the observation
                                       epoch and equinox 2000.0:
  2      6-10  i5                h     hours
  3     11-13  i3                m     minutes
  4     14-20  f7.3              s     seconds

  5-7   21-34        DEC.(2000)        Declination of the observation
                                       epoch and equinox 2000.0;
  5     21-25  i5                °     degrees
  6     26-28  i3                '     minutes
  7     29-34  f6.3              "     seconds

  8     35-43  f9.3    U        mag    Stellar magnitude in U system
                                       (is equal to "-", if data are absent)
  9     44-50  f7.3    V        mag    Stellar magnitude in V system
 10     51-57  f7.3    R        mag    Stellar magnitude in R system


Data (96Kb) 
Data byte to byte description

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Photographic Survey of the Northern Sky (Фотографічний огляд Північного неба - ФОН)

Catalogues of Astrometric Positions and Photometric Stellar Magnitudes of SS Bodies (Каталоги астрометричних положень та фотометричних зоряних величин тіл Сонячної системи)

Astrometric and Photometric Catalogues for research in stellar kinematics (Астрометричні та фотометричні каталоги для зоряно-кінематичних досліджень)

Catalogues of Positions and Orbital Elements of Geosynchronous Space Objects (Каталоги положень та орбітальних елементів геосинхронних небесних об'єктів)

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