S.P.Rybka & A.I.Yatsenko. GPM1 - a catalog of absolute proper motions of stars with respect to galaxies.

Astron. Astrophys. (Suppl. Ser. ) 96

Keywords: astrometry--reference systems

Data (78.4Kb)
Data byte to byte description

   GPM1 is the first version  of  the General Compiled  Catalogue of Absolute
   Proper Motions for a sample  of  HIPPARCOS stars,  derived with respect to
   galaxies within the plan called Catalogue of Faint Stars (KSZ, Deutch A.N.,
   1952,  Trans. IAU  8, 789 ).  The  programme  was   proposed  for  several
   observatories of the former  Soviet Union, China, Rumania and Spain. There
   are  some  resulting  individual catalogues of absolute proper motions  of
   stars  compiled at five observatories (Kiev, Pulkovo, Moscow, Tashkent and
   Shanghai).  The  principal  aim  of  the  GPM1 construction was to provide
   absolute  proper   motions  of  stars  to  determine  the  rotation of the
   HIPPARCOS  system.   The GPM1  catalogue comprises absolute proper motions
   for 977 stars in 180 areas north of  -25  degrees of declination. The mean
   square error is 8 mas/yr on average.  The standard  errors differ from one
   star  to  another one depending on  the  number  and quality of individual
   catalogues.  They  have  been  computed and presented for each star. For a
   single  GPM1 field the absolute zero-point error of linking proper motions
   to the  galaxies  is 3 mas/yr on average. The error of such a kind depends
   on  the  number  and  compactness of the galaxies available in each field.
   In addition to absolute proper motions and their mean errors, the catalogue
   gives  the  following  data  for  each star: right ascension, declination,
   epoch  for  position,  V-magnitude and number, copied from HIC. The stars
   were  also identified  with  the objects of the Smithsonian Astrophysical
   Observatory  Star  Catalogue  (SAO) list. Positions are given for equator
   and equinox J2000.0 on the system of FK5. They were presented to identify
   the GPM1  stars with those from other catalogues. The data file is sorted
   by J 2000.0 right ascensions.

 File Summary:                                                                
 File Name         Lrec      Records    Explanations                          
 Read.Me            80         .         This file                            
 Title of Table2                        The GPM1 catalogue                    
 File table2.dat:   77        977                                             
 Bytes  Format   Units   Explanations                                         
  2-4    I3      ---     GPM1 running number.                                 
  6-9    I4      ---    *Region number.                                       
 11-16   I6      ---     HIPPARCOS Input Catalogue (HIC) number.              
 18-23   F6.3    mag     V magnitude, copied from HIC.                        
 25-26   I2      h       Right Ascension J2000 (hours)                        
 27-28   I2      min     Right Ascension J2000 (minutes)                      
 29-34   F6.3    s       Right Ascension J2000 (seconds)                      
    36   A1      ---     Declination J2000 (sign)                             
 37-38   I2      deg     Declination J2000 (degrees)                          
 39-40   I2      arcmin  Declination J2000 (minutes)                          
 41-45   F5.2    arcsec  Declination J2000 (seconds)                          
 48-49   I2      yr     *The epoch for the position.                          
 51-56   F6.1    mas/yr  Absolute proper motion in RA, multiplied by cos(Dec) 
 58-63   F6.1    mas/yr  Absolute proper motion in Dec.                       
 66-69   F4.1    mas/yr  Mean error of proper motion.                         
 72-77   I6      ---     SAO Catalogue number                                 
 Note on region number:                                                       
   Numbers from 1 to 205 are given according                                  
   to the KSZ plan, numbers larger than 205 are NGC numbers of centre galaxies
 Note on the epoch:                                                           
   The epoch for the position: blank for J2000.0; otherwise                   
   (Epoch-1900), copied from HIC.                                             

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