L.N. Kizyun, Yu.I.Safronov. Catalogue of positions of the geostationary and quasigeostationary Earth satellites


Catalogue of positions of geostationary and quasigeostationary artifician Earth
satellites obtained from photographic observations with Carl-Zeiss astrograph
(equipped  with a special instrument for observations of satellites) of the Main
Astronomical Observatory of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The
positions of satellites have been adjusted to the system of SAO catalogue.
Data are shown for 2129 positions of the satellites made between 1983 and 1992.
The method of catalogue formation is described by R.N.Koval, L.N.Kizyun [3].

1. Duma D.P.: 1984, Astronomichnij Jurnal /Astronomical Journal/, 61, 184-190.
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5. Smithsonian Star Catalogue, vol. 1-4, 1966, Smithson. Inst., Washington.

Data byte to byte description:
Column  Bytes   Format       Design       Units          Remarks
  1     1-10   i2,f6.2       Data           -      Day, month, year
  2    11-25  i5,i3,f7.3     UTC          h,m,s    Universal Coordination Time
                                                   given in hours, minutes,
                                                   and seconds of time
  3    26-41  i6,i3,f7.3     R.A.(1950)   h,m,s    Right Ascension of the satel-
                                                   lite for the equinox and epoch
                                                   J1950.0, given in hours,minutes
                                                   and seconds of time

  4    42-55  A3,i2,i3,f6.2  D.(1950)     o,',''   A3  Sign of declination ("-")
                                                   Declination of the satellite
                                                   for the epoch and equinox
                                                   J1950.0, given in degrees,
                                                   minutes and second of arc.
  5    56-71  i6,i3,f7.3     R.A.         h,m,s    Apparent Right Ascension of
                                                   the satellite

  6    72-85  A3,i2,i3,f6.2  D.          o,',''    A3 Sign of declination (''-'')
                                                   Apparent Declination of the
  7    86-92  f7.1           L           o         Subsatellite longitude in


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