N.V. Kharchenko, L.K. Pakulyak , A.E. Piskunov Subsystem of open clusters in the post-Hipparcos era: cluster structural parameters and proper motions.

The wide neighborhoods of 401 open clusters are analysed using the the
modern, high precision, homogeneous all-sky catalogue ASCC-2.5
( Kharchenko,2001 ). More than 28000 possible members 
(including about 12500 most probable ones) are identified using kinematic 
and photometric criteria. Star counts with the ASCC-2.5 and USNO-A2.0 
catalogs are used to determine the angular and linear radii of cluster 
cores and coronae, which exceed the previous published values by factors 
of two or three. The mean proper motions are determined directly in the 
Hipparcos system for 401 open clusters, for 183 of them for the first time. 
The heliocentric distances of 118 clusters are determined for the first time 
based on color-magnitude diagrams for the identified members.
 Byte-by-byte description

Photographic Survey of the Northern Sky (Фотографічний огляд Північного неба - ФОН)

Catalogues of Astrometric Positions and Photometric Stellar Magnitudes of SS Bodies (Каталоги астрометричних положень та фотометричних зоряних величин тіл Сонячної системи)

Astrometric and Photometric Catalogues for research in stellar kinematics (Астрометричні та фотометричні каталоги для зоряно-кінематичних досліджень)

Catalogues of Positions and Orbital Elements of Geosynchronous Space Objects (Каталоги положень та орбітальних елементів геосинхронних небесних об'єктів)

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