I.Kulyk, K.Jockers, N.Karpov, A.Sergeev Positions of the inner Jovian moons.

The catalogue includes 303 intersatellite positions of the inner Jovian moons Thebe, Amalthea, Adrastea and Metis derived from the observations made with the 2-m Zeiss RCC telescope of Terskol Observatory (Terskol peak, Northern Caucasus, long=42.50083 deg, lat= 43.27427 deg, h=3100m) in 1999-2001.

The Two-Channel Focal Reducer of the Max-Planck Institute for Aeronomy (MPAe,Germany) was used for acquisition of the images. The optical arrangement of this device and the main parameters of the optical system are published in [1]. We provide delta(alpha) and delta(delta) of Thebe and Amalthea with respect to the Galilean satellites, while the positions of Adrastea and Metis are referred to either the Galilean moons or to Thebe or to Amalthea. Since our frames cover the field of the Galilean moons,they were used as the reference points forming the reference direction on the frames.

Astrometric topocentric coordinates J2000.0 of the Galilean satellites were used for scale and orientation angle determination. The array scale was corrected for differential refraction and differential aberration to ferst-order.

All observed positions are compared with theoretical ones. Residual statistics show the inner accuracy of our observations in the range from about 0.1 to 0.9 arcsec. The slight dependence of the differences of the observed and calculated positions on the distances from Jupiter has been found for our observations of Metis and Adrastea.

[1] Jockers K., Credner T., Bonev T., et al., KFNT , 2000,Suppl. Ser. 3, 13 .

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 c4_dese.htm         80         .         This file
 File c4_dat.htm:    43        303        Observed astrometric positions
                                          of inner Jovian satellites
   Bytes       Format   Units   Label               Explanations
   1-4         I4      year     OBSy        Date of observation  (year)
   5-7         I3      month    OBSm        Date of observation  (month)
   8-10        I3      day      OBSd        Day of  observation  (day)
   11-13       I3      hour     OBSh        Time of observation in UT (hour)
   14-16       I3      min      OBSm        Time of observation in UT (min)
   17-19       I3      sec      OBSs        Time of observation in UT (sec)
   20-27       F8.2   arcsec    X            X=15*delta(alpha)*cos(del)
   28-35       F8.2   arcsec    Y            Y=delta(delta)
   36-39       I4      ---      Ns          Number of satellite (1)
   40-43       I4      ---      Nrs         Number of reference satellite (1)
Note(1): Satellite number 505:Amalthea, 514:Thebe, 515: Adrastea, 516: Metis,
          501:Io , 502:Europa, 503: Ganymede, 504: Callisto

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Photographic Survey of the Northern Sky (Фотографічний огляд Північного неба - ФОН)

Catalogues of Astrometric Positions and Photometric Stellar Magnitudes of SS Bodies (Каталоги астрометричних положень та фотометричних зоряних величин тіл Сонячної системи)

Astrometric and Photometric Catalogues for research in stellar kinematics (Астрометричні та фотометричні каталоги для зоряно-кінематичних досліджень)

Catalogues of Positions and Orbital Elements of Geosynchronous Space Objects (Каталоги положень та орбітальних елементів геосинхронних небесних об'єктів)

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