Astrometric and photometric processing of Pluto digitized photographic observations 1961- 1996

Eglitis, I.; Eglite, M.; Kazantseva, L. V.; Shatokhina, S. V.; Protsyuk, Yu. I.; Kovylianskaya, O. E.; Andruk, V. M.

Catalog of 90 astrometric positions of Pluto have been compiled with Tycho-2 as a reference frame from photographic observations obtained at the Main Astronomical Observatory, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Astronomical Observatory of the Kyiv Shevchenko National University, Research Institute “Mykolaiv Astronomical Observatory” and Baldone Observatory of the University of Latvia in 1961–1996. Astronegatives have been digitized with Epson Perfection V750 Pro and Epson Expression 10000XL commercial scanners in 16-bit grayscale with a resolution of 1200 dpi. (O-C) residuals obtained from the comparison with JPL PLU055/DE433 ephemeris are 0.09 ... 0.14 arcsec.

Gallery of plate images used for catalog:

 Data description:
                  DLA:  The Tepfer Double Long-Focus Astrograph 
                        (D=40cm, F=550cm, Marsden's No.083)  
                  DWA:  The Zeiss Double Wide-Angle Astrograph 
                        (D=40cm,F=200cm, Marsden's No.083) 
	     ZA:   Zonal Astrograph 
	           (D=12cm, F=204cm, Marsden's No.089)  
                  ST:   Schmidt Telescope
	           (A=80cm, D=120cm, F=240cm, Marsden's No.069)  	     
                  DAMR: Double Astrograph Merts-Repsold
	           (D=20cm, F=426cm, Marsden's No.085)  
                  AZT:  Astronomical Mirror Telescope AZT-8
	           (D=70cm, F=280cm, Marsden's No.585) 
                  Right ascension and declination: ICRF/J2000.0  	           
                  Unique identifier of the plate - the identifier 
                  in the Wide-Field Plate Database (WFPDB)
                  and/or UkrVO Digital Archive


 FileName    Lrecl  Records  Explanations
ReadMe          80        .  This file
PLUTO.dat      116       90  Topocentric positions of Pluto

Byte-by-byte Description of files: PLUTO.dat
   Bytes Format Units   Label      Explanations
 01-14   A14    number  WFPDBid WFPDB unique identifier of the plate*
 16-16   A1     rem             Remark**
 18-23   I6     number  Pl      Plate number according to log-book
 25-26   I2     exp             Duration of exposure, minutes
 28-31   A4     Tel             Telescope
 33-36   I4     year    year    Date of observation, year
 38-39   I2     month   mo      Date of observation, month
 41-49   F9.6   day     day     Date of observation, day
 51-52   I2     hour    hh      -right ascension, hours
 54-55   I2     minute  mn      -right ascension, minutes
 57-62   F6.3   second  ss      -right ascension, seconds
 64      A1     ----    --      Sign of declination 
 65-66   I2     degree  deg     -declination, degrees
 68-69   I2     arcmin  min     -declination, arcminutes
 71-75   F5.2   arcsec  sec     -declination, arcseconds
 78-82   F5.2   mag     Bph     Photographic B magnitude***
 85-88   F4.2   arcsec  rmsRA   Rms error of RA calculation
 90-93   F4.2   arcsec  rmsDEC  Rms error of DEC calculation
 95-98   F4.2   mag     rmsB    Rms error of B magnitude calculation
100-104  F5.2   arcsec  O-CRA   Difference (O-C)RA =15(O-C)RAcos(DEC), arcsec
106-110  F5.2   arcsec  O-CDEC  Difference (O-C)DEC, arcsec
112-116  f5.2   mag     B-Mv    Difference B-Mv, magnitude****
*     BALDONE - plates of Baldone Schmidt telescope are not included into WFPDB
**    n–new position, r-reprocessed position, a - data absent
***   99.99 means absence of data
****  9.99 means absence of data

Data (10.6 Kb).File: PLUTO.dat.


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Photographic Survey of the Northern Sky (Фотографічний огляд Північного неба - ФОН)

Catalogues of Astrometric Positions and Photometric Stellar Magnitudes of SS Bodies (Каталоги астрометричних положень та фотометричних зоряних величин тіл Сонячної системи)

Astrometric and Photometric Catalogues for research in stellar kinematics (Астрометричні та фотометричні каталоги для зоряно-кінематичних досліджень)

Catalogues of Positions and Orbital Elements of Geosynchronous Space Objects (Каталоги положень та орбітальних елементів геосинхронних небесних об'єктів)

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