The catalogue of positions and stellar magnitudes in the R system of 700 stars in Hyades. Measurements, astrometric and photographic plates, by Andruk V.N., Parusimov V.G., Dudnik T.B., Ostrovskij D.E.

Abstract. A catalogue of photographic magnitudes in the Johnson R system which include 700 stars was created as a photometric part in the program MEGA. Star positions are streamlined to the ACT catalogue system. This catalogue was reseived on the basis of two photographic plates measured by the automatic digital two-coordinate microphotometer. The images are processed with MIDAS/ROMAFOT program. Astronegatives of the sky area in Hyades were exposed with Maksutov teleskope (F=1200 mm, D=350 mm) of Engelgardt Astronomical Observatory in Kazan, Russia. The software, allowing to create catalogues of star positions and magnitudes on the basis of digital processing of already photometred images, was developed. The sky area of the scanned photographic plates are 3.3x2.5 degrees. Limit permeate forse of teleskope (R=13 mag) is reached with spacial resolution 16x16 mkm (emulsion ORWO ZP-3 with 40 minutes of exposition). The rms errors of star magnitudes of coordinates are 0.12 mag and 0.65 arcsec, respectively. Work is made in the MAO National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The catalogue of positions and stellar magnitudes in the Johnson R system of 724 stars in Hyades is presented in file hyadesr.dat, where column 1: gives the number of the star in the catalogue, columns 2 and 4: its right ascension and declination for epoch J2000., columns 3 and 5: its error of coordinates; columns 6 and 7: the R magnitude and its error, column 8: the number of measurements for the star. Byte to byte description of the MEGA photoelectric catalog _______________________________________________________________________________ Column Bytes Format Design Units Remarks _______________________________________________________________________________ 1 1-10 i10 R.A.(1950) h,m,s*.001 Right Ascension of the observation epoch and equinox 1950.0; 10-digital number, digitals 2,3 are hour, digitals 4,5 are minute, digitals 6-10 are second multiplated by 1000. 2 11-20 i10 DEC.(1950) o,',"*.01 Declination of the observation epoch and equinox 1950.0; 10-digital number, digital 2 is sign, digitals 3,4 are degree, digitals 5,6 are minute, digitals 7-10 are second multiplated by 100. 3 21-27 f7.3 U mag Stellar magnitude in U system. is equal to --, if data are absent. 4 28-33 f6.3 err(U) mag R.M.S. errors of U magnitude. 5 34-40 f7.3 B mag Stellar magnitude in B system. is equal to --, if data are absent. 6 41-46 f6.3 err(B) mag R.M.S. errors of B magnitude. 7 47-54 f8.3 V mag Stellar magnitude in V system. is equal to --, if data are absent. 8 55-60 f6.3 err(V) mag R.M.S. errors of V magnitude. 9 61-67 f7.3 R mag Stellar magnitude in R system. is equal to --, if data are absent. 10 68-73 f6.3 err(R) mag R.M.S. errors of R magnitude. 11 74-77 i4 n Number of measurements. 12 78-80 i3 k Number of nights. _______________________________________________________________________________ Data (36.4Kb) _______________________________________________________________________________

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