A.N. Belikov, N.V.Kharchenko, A.E.Piskunov,E. Schilbach, R.D.Scholz, A.I. Yatsenko Study of the Per OB2 star forming complex. I. The compiled catalogue of kinematic and photometric data.

    The Compiled Catalogue (CC) is a photometric and astrometric survey
    with the center at (RA, DE)_J2000 = (3.86h, 34.6{deg}) and radius of
    10 degrees of a nearby region of star formation including the Per OB2
    association. The CC is based on recently published astronomical
    catalogues, e.g. Hipparcos and Tycho-2, and supplemented by relevant
    astrophysical data from numerous data sources. The CC is complete down
    to V=11.6mag, in general, and to V=18.5mag in the one square degree
    field with the IC 348 cluster. The coordinates and proper motions are
    reduced to the Hipparcos system and the photometry in the Johnson
    system. Typical accuracies of 1-20mas for coordinates, 1-3mas/yr for
    proper motions, 0.01-0.05mag for BV magnitudes were achieved for
    majority of 29452 CC stars (V<12mag). For a large number of stars we
    also collected parallaxes and spectral classes (about 7000 stars), the
    R (about 2000 stars), I, J, H, K (about 500 stars) magnitudes, radial
    velocities (330 stars). Stars in the Compiled Catalogue are sorted in
    right ascension order.
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Photographic Survey of the Northern Sky (Фотографічний огляд Північного неба - ФОН)

Catalogues of Astrometric Positions and Photometric Stellar Magnitudes of SS Bodies (Каталоги астрометричних положень та фотометричних зоряних величин тіл Сонячної системи)

Astrometric and Photometric Catalogues for research in stellar kinematics (Астрометричні та фотометричні каталоги для зоряно-кінематичних досліджень)

Catalogues of Positions and Orbital Elements of Geosynchronous Space Objects (Каталоги положень та орбітальних елементів геосинхронних небесних об'єктів)

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