O.Yizhakevich,I.Kulyk, S.Major, S.Shatokhina Catalogue of astrometric positions of the satellites of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune at 1990 opposition

The catalogue includes 231 geocentric positions of eigth main Saturnian satellites, 58 geocentric positions of Uranian moons Ariel, Umbriel, Titania, Oberon and 5 geocentric positions of Triton (J2000.0). The positions were obtained from measurements of the 41 photographic plates (about 70 photographs) taken at Cassegrain-focus of the 0.6m reflector (long=4h 27.5m; lat=38.683grad; h=2600m) at 1990 opposition. The astrometric positions of all available satellites were obtained in the Tycho-2 reference system. The mean reduction errors vary from 0.12 to 0.16 arcsec for both coordinate. The differential refraction was taken into account. All positions were compared with the theoretical ones, provided by JPL. The analysis of the (O-C) residuals showed that the telescope positions (at the W-side or at the E-side) influenced the observed positions of the satellites. The systematic errors were determined and the observed positions were improved. The mean rms errors of the (O-C) differences are in the range 0.21-0.23 arcsec.

Bite to bite description of catalogue of astrometric positions of the satellites of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune at 1990 opposition

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 Bytes  Format      Units     Explanations
  1-11   A10,1X               Name of the satellate
 12-16   I4,1X      year      Year  of the observations
 17-19   I2,1X      month     Month of the observations
 20-29   F9.6,1X              Day (UTC) of the observations
 30-32   I2,1X      hours     Hours of Rigth  Ascension (J2000.0)
 33-35   I2,1X                Minutes of Rigth  Ascension (J2000.0)
 36-42   F6.3,1X              Seconds of Rigth  Ascension (J2000.0)
 43-46   I3,1X      degr.     Degrees of Declination  (J2000.0)
 47-49   I2,1X                Minutes of Declination  (J2000.0)
 50-57   F6.3,2X              Seconds of Declination  (J2000.0)
 58-64   F5.3,2X    second    Correction to Right Ascension coordinate
 65-69   F4.2,1X    arcsec    Correction to Declination coordinate
 70-74   f4.2,1X    arcsec    rms error of reduction procedure in RA
 75-78   f4.2       arcsec    rms error of reduction procedure in Dec
 79-80   I2                   number of reference stars

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